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WRC DES 8860 Rally

WRC DES 8860 Rally


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The WRC 8860 Des rally helmet was the first open faced helmet to have passed the incredibly tough
FIA 8860-2004 standard, this standard originally set for Formula 1 but is now required in all
FIA World Championships and followed by many other formulas. Being the first open faced helmet to pass the homologation testing is testimony to the Stilo design and build quality!!

The WRC 8860 helmet is packed with technology all incorporated to give far better protection to
the user. The helmet absorbs 50% more impact energy and has improved load spreading during side
impact accidents. It also resists 30% more penetration energy and in turn 30% more protection against
injurys caused by excessive rotational accelerations, making the 8860-2004 standard the toughest and
highest on the market.

While it it needs to be incredibly strong it also has to be within certain weight limits!! The small shell
version in the extra small to medium size weight in at 1390g with the large shell of the large
and extra large at 1440g with HANS posts. These weights may vary between plus or minus 30g.   

Coming in a carbon finish the helmet is made from only the very best carbon, and unlike the
other helmets in our range the 8860 versions are solid carbon for strength and weight. The WRC 8860
Des helmet is also the first helmet to have added protection with EPS cheek pads giving the user extra
protection to the sides of the face. The new helmet also has a slightly larger fit for the Extra Large size
which was an issue for some on the original WRC helmet.

The helmet comes fitted with Stilo's renowned WRC electronics with padded earmuffs for the ultimate
in noise cancelling and sound quality. The integrated comm port has been moved slightly forward which
now allows easier access while connecting the intercom and more clearance from the fitted HANS post.

The helmet comes with fitted HANS posts.

Available Sizes: Small to Extra Large


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