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Helmet Trim Fitting

Glues & Application LCD Trims

We recommend using our very own branded LCD Non Drip Glue and Primer.

Our very own branded Original non drip glue and primer product specifically for the use of our own coloured helmet trims and also standard trims. It has exceptional holding power and strong compared to any other product on the market for this purpose.
We have tested so many glues and became frustrated with the lack of tac on the silicon coloured trims. Using the primer prior to applying the glue on the substrate (Helmet area) and also inside the (Helmet trim) creates an amazing bond once the application of small amounts of the non drip glue.

LCD Non Drip Helmet Glue comes in 20g tubes.
LCD Helmet Primer comes in 20ml bottle.

Other brands you may use if you do not wish to purchase our product.

Please note we only sell products we use.

Application of the Glue

Coloured Trim Application

Always apply the LCD Helmet Primer first on the inside of the trim and around the base and eye port area of the helmet. Applying little amounts of LCD Helmet Non Drip Glue hold trim onto the base/eye port for up to 20-30sec then move around the trim/helmet slowly in small sections around 1-2inch max at a time.

Standard Helmet Trim

No Need to apply the primer just use our very own Branded LCD Helmet Non Drip Glue in our 20g tubes. Please apply very small amounts as its very quick to set and very secure with no blooming.

Cut the Trim

Use a razor blade type and only cut only when you have approx 4inch remaining to glue, overlap by around 2-3mm then make the cut. This will allow a very flush finish up against the starting point.

Click on the image below to purchase the Glue and Priimer